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    November 19th, 2013

    ♫  Let’s tell the future
    Let’s see how it’s been done
    By numbers, by mirrors, by water
    By dots made at random on paper…♫

    Lyrics, Music and recorded by Susan Vega.


    (images: and – creative commons licence)

    The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it” has been variously attributed to many authors, particularly Dennis Gabor.

    Accordingly this is a call for all gentle readers to contribute their tips and predictions for 2014!  Last year we heard from Stephanie Kimbro, Nate Russell, Tom Spraggs, Richard Granat, Jean Francois De Rico, Mitch Kowalski, John Zeleznikow, Andrew Clark, Colin Rule, Robert Denney, Ross Fishman, Noric Dilanchian, Steve Matthews and of course, Jordan Furlong.

    I think that this is the most interested series of posts in the year and so I invite everyone to submit a post and we all can see what everyone thinks the future of law and legal practice will be like!

    Let’s tell the future!

    This entry was posted on Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 at 11:38 am and is filed under Adding Value, Budgeting, Business Development, Change Management, Firm Governance, Fraud and theft, humour, I'm a Mac, Issues facing Law Firms, Law Firm Strategy, Leadership and Strategic Planning, Make it Work!, personal focus and renewal, Technology, Tips, Trends. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

    9 Responses to “2014 Predictions!”
    1. Ross Fishman Says:

      Significantly more mid-sized and large firms will build their new websites in open-source technology like WordPress or Drupal than any particular web developer’s proprietary software.

    2. Ross Fishman Says:

      I predict that nearly every single law firm in an entire geographic region will proudly showcase their “unique culture and differentiation” by rotating a collection of smiling photos of their lawyers on the home page of their new websites.

    3. Sharon Nelson Says:

      Smart entrepreneurs (like those who founded Novus Law)will siphon business that used to belong to large law firms.

    4. Ann Halkett Says:

      I predict that:

      – We will see more education with Canadian content on the eDiscovery process targeted towards lawyers and paralegals. This will likely originate in eastern Canada, but will be available across the country via webinars.
      – More firms will obtain software to assist in dealing with eDiscovery files or update existing software to take on eDiscovery.
      – More firms will recognize that they require best practices, established processes, staff, and lawyers dedicated to the specialized area of eDiscovery to avoid costly mistakes, keep up with competitors, and meet client demands.

    5. Richard Granat Says:

      I predict that some, not all, law schools will continue to reinvent legal education by incorporating training in legal technology and legal education. New courses in document automation, legal project management, legal services redesign, legal expert systems, and ediscovery management will infiltrate the law school curriculum to train law students for 21st century law practice.

    6. Brian Mauch Says:

      I predict that more law firms will adopt secure forms of cloud computing. This will complement the recent trend of lawyers using multiple mobile computing devices to access their data from anywhere. I also predict that more small law firms will implement document management systems, in order to manage the massive quantities of email sent and received by each member of the firm.

    7. Michael Downey Says:

      * One US law school will announce a masters (LLM?) in Legal Process Management

      * Some insurer will announce that it is automating its process for obtaining an initial offer to settle claims, using a virtual server

      * The largest law firm in the world will surpass 4500 lawyers (a 10% increase in one year), and probably 5000 lawyers

      * Law firm mergers will continue to increase, and at least three major US law firms will fail

      * One large law firm will suffer a major data breach

      * Five more jurisdictions will adopt the Uniform Bar Exam, effective by mid-2015

    8. John Zeleznikow Says:

      Rather than concentrate upon developing new technology, our efforts will be focused upon governance, ensuring our children are secure and happy and use the technology appropriately

    9. Andrew Clark Says:

      Could this be the year that enough lawyers want to do e-trails (not just electronic evidence presentation) that the judiciary and the courts really embrace technology in the courtroom? Here’s hoping.

      This is the year – wireless access in courthouses.

      Uptake of civil e-filing to BC courts tops 40%.

      Why not – lawyers and judges embrace a new assignment court model in 2014 and make it a success for the courts.

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