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    November 18th, 2013
    ♫ What do you do when you’re branded,
    Will you fight for your name? ♫
    Lyrics and music by Dominic Frontiere and Alan Alch, recorded for the TV series Branded.

    personal branding

    The American Bar Association, Law Practice Division has just published “Personal Branding in One Hour for Lawyers“, a new book by Katy Goshtasbi.

    I have to say that I was quite taken by this book.  In keeping with the “One Hour” theme, it packs a lot of thoughtful ideas into its 98 pages.  It starts out with  the expected question: “What is Personal Branding?” and takes you thru an exploration of “Why Does Your Personal Brand Matter?”  I particularly liked the chapter on “Is Your Personal Brand Happy?” with such sub-topics as: “Step into your Creative Brain” and “Who Cares about Joy?”.  Now you may ask what does “Joy” have to do with branding or even the practice of law?  As it turns out, quite a bit, apparently!  SO many lawyers I have talked to do not find much joy in what they do.  Yet Goshtasbi states that “People buy the products and services that ultimately bring them joy.”  If you don’t project joy in your daily life, in your career and in what you do, then how do you make your clients happy?

    Goshtasbi states: “What if you went on a campaign to make sure every legal client and prospect felt utter joy and happiness anytime they ran across you, your name, your firm name, or any mention of you and your legal services?  Your business would boom, and your ability to produce quality  legal product would increase as well.”

    Once you have grasped the fundamental point that communicating joy is key, then Goshtasbi advises you to find your natural talent and make it your intention to make sure you perform it daily to bring joy to your work as you have brought it to your life.  With that as your foundation, she then takes you on the process to establish your unique selling proposition (what sets you apart from other lawyers), visual branding, marketing materials, networking and communicating your personal brand.

    This is one book that I would highly recommend that every lawyer and in particular, young lawyers, read.  It is available online from the ABA for $49.95 (USD) or $39.95 if you are an ABA Law Practice Division member.  Now, what would you do after you are branded?


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