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    November 29th, 2013

    ♫  If you reach for the heavens
    You get the stars thrown in
    Anthing can happen
    … go and chase your dreams
    you won’t regret it
    Anything can happen
    Anything can happen…♫

    Music and Lyrics by Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman.

    mary poppins


    Mary Poppins!  Now just what does she have to do with law practice management?  The Broadway Musical version is currently playing at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage in Vancouver and if you are looking for an absolutely charming show this holiday season that will sweep you and everyone that you bring along into its magic that is practically perfect in every way, this is it.  The acting is simply superb – the challenge for the actors on in taking such a well-known production to the stage is for them to place their own stamp on the characters and make them distinct enough from the 1964 movie which starred Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews to make it come alive and take you along with them. This production excels in that regard and the story unfolds before your eyes, assisted by clever sets, imaginative moving backdrops and some incredible special effects.  The Stanley doesn’t have an orchestra pit yet the musical director has managed to fit the musicians somewhere backstage and have the story flow to their wonderful score.

    So how does all this relate to law practice management?  Managing a law practice is all about leadership, vision and change.  As Bill Millerd, the Artistic Managing Director of the Arts Club says in his message about the production:

    “Theatre can effect change …..and although we often go to the theatre for its ability to entertain us, the incredible history of theatrical writing has given us works that transform the way we look at life.  Great works of art do that, and theatre, because of the special nature of the live medium, can transform us in more provocative ways.”

    The message is a strong one – reach for the heavens and go and chase your dreams.  Anything can happen!

    Just remember to look for the Hidden Mickey!

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