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    October 26th, 2011

    ♬  Ain’t no pill for this pain
    So please, please come to my rescue baby
    Make it right away…♬

    Lyrics and Music by: Diane Warren, recorded by Uncle Kracker.

    Destroyed Computer

    If you are like me, you are facing the prospect of aging parents…or in my case, an aging parent (my dad having passed on 5 years ago). If you happen to live in a different geographical area from your parent, you are facing the additional prospect of trying to help them from a distance with the various challenges that life throws their way.  When it comes to helping them with their technology, the distance aspect can become a real barrier…trying to talk them through “click on this” and “do you see that..” while on a telephone call with them seated in front of their computer trying to solve the latest crises gives you a whole new respect for anyone who works in IT support.

    How can you solve this problem?  For me, LogMeIn has come to the rescue (

    This application allows me to log into my mom’s computer from thousands of miles away – and see her desktop.  I can install software, update the applications, create bookmarks, run utilities – do virtually anything from a distance that I could do sitting down in front of the computer.

    Of course, lawyers and others have been using LogMeIn or GoToMyPC for years to connect to their office computer remotely in order to work from the road.  This is the same idea but with a twist – since I am logging into someone else’s computer.

    In terms of security – you have to log into the LogMeIn site first. Once connected to LogMeIn, you connect to the remote computer and then log into that computer using a user name and password.  Double security.

    You are looking at the desktop of the remote computer…you can move the mouse, click on applications etc.

    One proviso – the remote computer has to be on and connected to the Internet to work. If you require a reboot of the remote computer (to install or update software, for example) then it is useful to have your parent at home to ensure that the computer restores its internet connection so you can log back in again and check if the updates etc. installed properly.

    How much does all this cost, you say?  In the case of LogMeIn – I am using the free version.  So far it is able to do anything that I need of it to keep my mom’s computer (a Mac Mini) working just fine by using my MacBook.

    Since there isn’t any pill for the pain of an incomprehensible computer, LogMeIn allows me to come to the rescue – right away!

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    One Response to “LogMeIn to the Rescue!”
    1. Stuart Rudner Says:

      Excellent review. But please do not tell my mother about LogMeIn!

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