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    December 6th, 2010

    ♫ O how I wish I could sing like an Angel
    I’d sing carols so high and sweet
    O if I had the voice of an Angel
    I’d be singing that sweet Child asleep…. ♫

    “Christmas Angel”: Music and Lyrics by Corlynn Hanney, performed by the Argyle Alumni Choir.

    2010 Christmas Slide Show from David Bilinsky on Vimeo.

    At this time of year I would like to take a moment and wish each and everyone the Best of the Holiday Season and a Wonderful and Happy New Year.

    To all I hope for Peace, Hope and Happiness. I hope your dreams become goals for the New Year and find good ground and take root.

    As has become my tradition at this time of year, and as my gift to you, I offer a few minutes of solitude and reflection. This slide show combines two of my loves – music and photography.

    I hope this slide show and music (please turn your speakers on full as the recording is a bit faint) brings to you a time of calm, joy and peace. The music is “Christmas Angel’ by Corlynn Hanney and is performed by the Argyle Alumni Choir, Argyle Senior Secondary School, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, copyright Frances Roberts, Director. Used with permission. I hope you enjoy the combination of the music and the photos.

    Best wishes for a safe holiday filled with warmth, comfort, friendship and good cheer!

    This entry was posted on Monday, December 6th, 2010 at 3:26 pm and is filed under humour, personal focus and renewal. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

    12 Responses to “2010 Season’s Greetings!”
    1. Stephanie Hacksel Says:

      Hi Dave, what a wonderful slide show. You mixed the little wonders with the grand in a way that is quite moving. Thanks for sending it! I hope to see you in the New Year. Stephanie

    2. Ellen Freedman Says:

      Simply beautiful! You’ve accomplished your mission.

    3. Kari Boyle Says:

      Lovely slideshow Dave – you had a beautiful year! Loved the choir (are you singing too??). This was a very special gift – thank you. Kari

    4. admin Says:


      No I am not in the Choir! The choir is composed of the Alumni of Argyle Secondary School Choir in North Vancouver, BC under the direction of Francis Roberts – an incredibly gifted Choir leader and teacher.

    5. Esther Says:

      God is Love

      Christmas is all about love

      Love is the key to peace and happiness

      Christmas is thus about God, Love and Peace

      Happy Christmas, Dave!!!


    6. Jennifer Nakamura Says:

      Wonderful music and beautiful pictures. I just smiled when I see familiar faces 🙂

    7. Eiichiro Mandai Says:

      The slide and music keeps me in front of a screen.
      Visitors to my office were also enjoying it for a while.
      Thank you, Dave and have a happy Christmas!

      Eiichiro Mandai

    8. Susan Van Dyke Says:

      Oh Dave! What a beautiful gift of sights and sounds; both are so exquisite. And thank you for holding the spotlight on our local talent — Alumni of Argyle Secondary School Choir (North Van) and Francis Roberts — such a treat!

    9. Hazel Says:

      Beautiful! Thanks, Dave!

    10. Paulette Lott Says:

      Wonderful music and beautiful pictures. I just smiled when I see familiar faces 🙂

    11. Frances Roberts Says:

      Hi Dave

      Thanks for including me in your Christmas message, it arrived the morning after our Argyle Christmas Concert at the cathedral and it was great to see Lauren and your beautiful photos. Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the new year.

    12. David Bilinsky - Thoughtful Legal Management Says:

      […] 2010 Christmas Greeting […]

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