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    November 24th, 2009

    ♫ And gazing down from yonder,
    On a world of blue and green,
    He’ll say with eyes of wonder,
    I have seen, i have seen,
    My eyes have seen…♫

    Lyrics, music and recorded by Chris de Burgh.

    I have recently posted on on Barclay Johnson’s use of a Sony Reader in Court. Here is the start of the article:

    A lawyer friend of mine told me about his recent use of his new Sony Reader in Court. No, this wasn’t to read books while waiting to speak in Chambers! He is using it in direct and cross-examination in court and I thought it would be of interest to the readers on Slaw. So with no further ado, here it is in his own words:

    I thought I would contact you to let you know that I have recently purchased a Sony Reader Model PRS 600 (touch screen with dictionary) at a cost of $399 plus tax. I also purchased the leather book jacket for $40 (which comes with a night light) as well as an AC adapter for $40. I had looked at previous models and decided to wait until some of the issues had been resolved regarding the transfer of text and PDF files. I’ve used this amazing new device in a recent five day trial here in Victoria.

    To read the rest of the article, go here.

    Thanks to Barclay Johnson [bwjohnson at] of Victoria BC for allowing me to post his experiences here in order that all of us can gaze with eyes of wonder and say I have seen ..I have seen…

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