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    November 20th, 2009

    ♫ Every day I wander in negative disposition,
    as I’m bombarded by superlatives,
    realizing very well that I am not alone,
    introverted i look to tomorrow for salvation,
    but I’m thinking altruistically,
    and a wave of overwhelming doubt
    turns me to stone

    and I guess it struck a nerve…♫

    Lyrics and music by Greg Graffin, recorded by Bad Religion.

    A fellow blogger Henrik Edberg has written a great piece on blogging entitled: 9 Life Lessons I Have Learned from Blogging

    Not only is the article well done, he uses quotes to start his articles (well ok, they are not musical lyric quotes, but they are quotes none-the-less). Henrik is talking about 9 lessons about life that he has learned from blogging.

    So many people seem to be blogging in an attempt to get others to buy things – advice, products etc. To me that isn’t the reason why you blog – you try to make people’s lives a little bit better and in turn, hopefully you will read something, somewhere that does the same for you. We are all stronger if we help each other. Henrik has his own way of stating this:

    “If you are trying to get other people to always give you more value than you give them – in real life or on your blog – then you suck the positive feelings out of the place. And people will become less and less likely to want to hang around and interact with you.”

    Henrik’s post struck a nerve for me today. Great stuff Henrik – keep up the good work!

    Hat tip to fellow PMA Jim Calloway for sending me in Henrik’s direction!

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