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    February 27th, 2008

    musical note Yes, now you’re gone and from this moment on
    I’ll be crying, crying, crying, cry-i-i-ing
    Yeah crying, crying, o-o-o-o-ver you…
    musical note

    Words and music by Roy Orbison and Joe Melson

    With the increasing emphasis on digital information in a law office and the “paper-less” office becoming a reality, the necessity for reliable data backups is one of the issues facing lawyers and law firms. There are many methods of backup in use — tapes, CD-ROMs, DVDs, RAID arrays, external hard drives and the like. One method that is receiving increasing attention is online backup to a third-party host. This article examines potential issues that are unique to electronic storage via the Internet.

    The full article that I wrote on this topic can be found on the Law Society of British Columbia’s web site, specifically in the on-line edition of the Benchers Bulletin.

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