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    February 22nd, 2008

    ♫Hey, everyone, listen up, your attention if you please
    We wanna give you a warning
    ‘Cause I found out this morning..♫

    Words and music by Weird Al Yankovic

    The Legal Organization Watch Blog has posted an entry today regarding a phishing email fraud that has spoofed a real Irish Law Firm and an individual who actually works in that firm – the Irish and International Practice of Arthur Cox. The details of the phishing fraud can be found at:

    In British Columbia a few years back there was a fraud attempt that spoofed a Victoria BC, Canada law firm. In that fraud attempt, the fraudsters created a false web site that mirrored the actual web site of the real firm – with the exception that the telephone numbers and email addresses went directly to the fraudsters rather than to the real firm. Somehow the real firm discovered the false web site and took steps to have it immediately closed down.

    In the circumstances, lawyers and law firms are well-advised to set up Google Alerts for their firm name and all lawyers and staff…and have one person in the firm responsible for reviewing these Alerts on a daily basis. In this way, you should be able to receive some notice if your good name and those of your firm are being used inappropriately. An added bonus is the ability to see the discussion on the Web that involves you and your firm. While you are at it, you could set up Alerts for your major clients and be proactive if you discover that there is suspicious activity on their behalf. A nice feather in your cap if you can alert them to a potential problem before it becomes a bigger problem! It seems that as lawyers and law firms, we should consider taking steps to discover if our good names are being used inappropriately. Perhaps these early examples of fraud attempts can serve as an early warning to all…

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