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    May 20th, 2013

    ♫ Every time you’re near
    I get creative…♫

    Lyrics and Music by: Chris Porter/Howard New/Peter Gordeno, recorded by  Leon Jackson.


    This is another great guest post by Beth Flynn of the Ohio State University Leadership Center.  This time Beth is looking at Creativity (and leadership).


    • Myth 1:  Creativity is only needed at the top.
    • TRUTH: In today’s business environment, creativity applies to everyone.


    • Myth 2:  People are creative (or not) depending on their job or role.
    • TRUTH:  You role has nothing to do with your creativity.


    • Myth 3:  Creativity is “born:” it can’t be developed.
    • TRUTH: Yes it absolutely can.


    • MYTH 4:  Creativity isn’t my responsibility.
    • TRUTH:  Today, creativity is everyone’s responsibility.


    • MYTH 5:  Creativity can’t be managed or harnessed.
    • TRUTH: Developing creativity is the primary role you will play as a leader in the twenty-first-century business world.


    • Myth 6:  My technical skills and experience are enough.
    • TRUTH: Creative problem solving, original thought, and imagination have become the currency for success in the new world of business…and life (Linkner, 2011, p. 207-209).


    From:  Linkner, J (2011).  Disciplined dreaming: a proven system to drive breakthrough creativity.  San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass. Disciplined dreaming is available from the OSU Leadership Center.  Click here to borrow this resource.

    Learn how the Ohio State University Leadership Center is inspiring others to take a leadership role that empowers the world at . To begin receiving Leadership Moments, or to update your information, please click here to access OSU’s Mailing List.

    Thanks Beth for another great leadership post on how all of us can move past the myths in becoming more creative.  I can say ..every time you are near I get creative!


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