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    December 21st, 2012

    ♫ Shine a light shine a light
    Shine a light won’t you shine a light…

    Lyrics by Bernie Taupin, music and recorded by Elton John.

    I have been remiss in not posting my nominations for the 2012 Clawbie awards.

    It gets harder each year, with so many good blogs starting and existing blogs continuing their wonderful work.

    My absolute favourite legal blog (and one that, in my opinion, should be on each Canadian lawyer’s *must read* list each day) is  Simon Fodden has created something that is totally without comparison in my humble opinion.   The aggregation of regular and guest contributors, the columns, the thoughtful postings are simply wonderful, insightful and extremely interesting.  Simon keeps us on the pulse of what is happening in the legal world in a way that is entertaining as well as informative.  Slaw is the high-water mark not only for blogs in Canada but across the world – he shows us what can be achieved by aiming higher, by collaborating and by sharing.  Slaw is the best of what we can do as a community, in helping each of us keep current and not least of all, what we as lawyers who are interested in leadership and  positive change can do to increase awareness and work towards the positive growth of the law.

    My next nomination is the same as one of mine last year.  Erik Magraken’s BC Injury LAW blog  is a wonderful example of great content combined with an astute use of social media.   Erik is not just a past Clawbie award winner ( and deservedly so), his was The Fodden Award for Best Canadian Law Blog  in 2011.  Erik sets the standard for all other blogs.

    My next nomination is a three-way tie (not sure if this is allowed by the rules..but here goes).  My tie is between:

    OK reasons.  BC Law Watch is a wonderful aggregation of what is happening in BC.  Dye & Durham is doing a great job in keeping the lawyers in BC in touch with what is happening in the Province.  This is an example of what other legal providers could be doing to assist their lawyers in keeping on top of developments in the Province and clearly demonstrates how Dye & Durham is seeking to be a partner with their clients in terms of meeting their legal service needs.

    Regarding The Rule of Law – not only is this a clever name from Stanley Rule, this is an example of a blog confined to a relatively narrow area that is being produced by a lawyer in a smaller urban area. Stanley is doing great work and showing that you don’t have to be in a big firm, you don’t have to be in a big urban area and you can narrow your practice to a focused area and still be successful.

    Jordan Furlong has long been a friend. But long before that he has been someone who is a shining light and being an early-warning system – showing the forces of change affecting the legal profession even before they have been felt by any others.  Law21 has given Jordan the voice that he needed and the freedom to exercise it as he wished.

    So these are my shining lights this year.  All the best to all the nominees…I know that by not mentioning so many deserving blogs that I am doing a great disservice to those that deserve mention.  All I can hope is that better voices than mine sing their praises so that all deserving blogs receive the attention that is their due.

    Happy New Year to all.

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    3 Responses to “2012 Clawbies!”
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      Thanks David for your kind remarks.

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