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    April 12th, 2012

    ♫ Oh, put me in, Coach – I’m ready to play today;
    Put me in, Coach – I’m ready to play today;
    Look at me, I can be Centerfield…♫

    Lyrics, music and recorded by John Fogerty.



    This is a guest post from Beth Flynn at the Ohio Leadership Center.  Increasingly today, younger lawyers are looking for mentorship and support from the more experienced members of the bar.  However, not everyone is familiar with how to be a good coach.  Accordingly I thought Beth’s post on the personal attributes and qualities of a winning coach would be a great management topic for lawyers.  So without further ado, here are the 14.5 attributes:

    1. You have valuable information that people can use.
    2. You combine your experience with the real world.
    3. You have a sense of humor.
    4. You know the game better than they do.
    5. You encourage.
    6. You are a great presenter.
    7. You have standards and ethics that you follow, not just preach.
    8. You are enthusiastic.
    9. You have great communication skills.
    10. Your players like you.
    11. Your players believe in you.
    12. You inspire others.
    13. You tell the truth all the time.
    14. Your players respect you.

    14.5 You can play (Gitomer, 2011, p. 108-109).

    These tips are from: Gitomer, J (2011), “Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Book of Leadership: The 12.5 Strengths of Responsible, Reliable, Remarkable Leaders that Create Results, Rewards and Resilience”. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley and Sons

    Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Book of Leadaership is available from the OSU Leadership Center. Click here to borrow this resource or any other resource. Once you are on the OSU website, click on the Spectrum icon.

    Learn how the Ohio State University Leadership Center is inspiring others to take a leadership role that empowers the world at: http;//  To begin receiving Beth’s Leadership Moments newsletter, please click on Join Our Mailing List.

    Thanks Beth for another great leadership post on how all of us can become winning coaches and mentors.


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