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    February 29th, 2012

    ♫ Food for thought
    You give me food for thought..♫

    Lyrics, music and recorded by 10cc.

    Businessman on Computer

    The America Bar Association (ABA) established the 20/20 Commission almost 3 years ago to report on the:

    “Impact of Internet technology on the delivery of legal services, both globally and within the United States”

    Today, the revised drafts of a number of the 20/20 Commission’s proposals were released on the ABA Site-tation website in the following areas:

    • Technology and Confidentiality (PDF)
      Addresses lawyers’ obligations and responsibilities in handling the storage and security of clients’ confidential data.
    • Technology and Client Development (PDF)
      Addresses lawyers’ use of web-based technology, including social networking, to market their practices and attract new clients.
    • Outsourcing (PDF)
      Addresses the ethical responsibilities associated with the outsourcing of legal and law-related work, both domestically and offshore.
    • Model Rule 1.1 (Duty of Confidentiality) (PDF)
      Addresses disclosure of confidential information particularly in the context of detecting conflicts of interest.
    • Practice Pending Admission (PDF)
      Addresses issues relating to the establishment of a practice in a new jurisdiction in the context of an increasingly mobile, multi-jurisdictional profession.
    • Admission by Motion (PDF)
      Addresses the number of years required for admission by motion, again addressing movement towards multi-jurisdictional practices and mobile lawyers.

    As the ABA site-tation website states, considerably more information, including comments and news, can be found on the Commission’s official website.

    The deadline for submitting comments on these final proposals is April 2, 2012. Comments should be directed to Senior Research Paralegal Natalia Vera at

    These proposals are sure to give us food for thought…(hat tip to Ann Halkett, BA, SSIS, Litigation Support Coordinator, Alexander Holburn Beaudin & Lang LLP).

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