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    December 21st, 2011

    ♬ There’s a few people spinning gold…♬

    Lyrics, music and recorded by Blind Melon.


    Time to finally post my 2011 ClawBie nominations! There have been so many great blogs springing up in Canada that this year that it is becoming even harder to choose only three!

    Of course, the #1 legal blog in Canada, in my humble opinion, is and remains, Simon Fodden and the rest of the group (which grows ever wider) is really defining the standard for legal blogs – not just in Canada but across the world. In the same way Jordan Furlong’s Law21 blog constantly reflects ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking regarding the legal marketplace, trends and undercurrents. Slaw has been nominated by many (which I totally endorse!) and as such I won’t follow on their nominations. I understand that Jordan’s blog is not in the running, since he is one of the judges.

    So I am going to pick three that I think are more than deserving of a Clawbie award. For my nominations, I am staying in BC:

    #1: Eric Magraken’s BC Injury Law blog. Eric is a great example of how a lawyer can lever social media to great effectiveness. All of us have seen buttons linking to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ..but savvy Eric has a Media Requests link! Eric has previously won ClawBie awards, for good reason. He is setting the bar for a client-centric personal injury blog.

    #2: Susanna Jani’s Distance Family Mediation Blog. BC is moving forward in the application of different mediation methods to resolve disputes in BC (including my interest, Online Dispute Resolution) and Susanna is a careful, thoughtful proponent of and researcher into how these different methods can be used to end conflicts. As she states: “A key goal of the service is to make family mediation affordable and available to all British Columbians, regardless of their income or location.” Susanna is shining a light into how technology can be used to increase access to justice by lowering costs, speeding up resolutions and allowing people to get on with their lives.

    #3: The ClickLaw blog. ClickLaw is doing great things with regard to trying to help ordinary people solve legal problems. This nomination is not so much for the blog but rather all the great work they are doing at ClickLaw. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I used to teach for The People’s Law School, but I have a warm spot in my heart for organizations that are genuinely trying to help those who who don’t have the resources to hire a lawyer and who are looking for some information and education. ClickLaw is doing great things in helping people interact with the government, with courts and other tribunals, particularly teens, immigrants and aboriginal peoples. Good work always deserves recognition. Besides, I love the name “ClickLaw!”

    These are three nominations from all of those who are out there spinning gold…

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    3 Responses to “2011 ClawBie Nominations”
    1. Erik Magraken Says:

      David, thank you for the nomination, much appreciated!

      Yours truly,


    2. Drew Jackson Says:

      Many thanks, Dave, for nominating Clicklaw for a Clawbie! At Courthouse Libraries BC, we are proud to be part of an amazing community of public legal education & information providers working to provide access for the public to legal information that is understandable and (ideally) helps them to take next steps relating to their legal problem. What a great honour for us to have Clicklaw recognized with a Clawbie nomination!

    3. Susanna Jani Says:

      David, thank you! To be nominated by you – a blogging role model for so many of us – is truly a compliment.

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