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    March 9th, 2011

    ♫ A bright light
    A new position
    A new conviction…♫

    Music, lyrics and recorded by The Appleseed Cast.

    This is another great guest post from Beth Flynn from the Ohio State University Leadership Center:

    Beth Flynn

    Beth Flynn

    This post deals with ways to Inspire employees to embrace change in your organization:

    1. Awareness: The manager is responsible for generating awareness of the proposed change.

    2. Value in awareness: The manager is also responsible for providing employees with supportive information that will inspire them to find value in the proposed change.

    3. Thinking: While the manager still has some responsibility in supporting the thinking of employees in this stage, this is the stage where employees begin to bear the burden of responsibility for the proposed change. If you are the manager and you do not begin to see a transfer of responsibility taking place with a noticeable shift in thinking by employees you must go back to stage two.

    4. Actions: In this stage, responsibility has mostly shifted to employees. The beauty of this process is that thinking drives actions, so the shift in thinking that takes place literally sets the stage for new actions and behaviors. Again, if you are not seeing actions and behaviors supporting the desired change, you must go back to stage two.

    5. Results: The results are everybody’s responsibility. For the proposed change to be embraced and realized within an organization, the results will be a natural outcome of the shift in thinking and new actions and behaviors (Laurin & Morningstar, p. 11-13).

    Laurin, C., & Morningstar, C. (2009). The Rudolph Factor: Finding the Bright Lights that Drive Innovation in Your Business. Hoboken, NJ. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

    The Rudolph Factor is available on loan from the Ohio State University Leadership Center. Click here to borrow this resource or any other resource. Then click on the Spectrum icon.

    Learn how the Ohio State University Leadership Center is inspiring others to take a leadership role that empowers the world at

    Thanks Beth for being our bright light!

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    One Response to “Ways for Managers to Inspire Employees to Embrace Change”
    1. PCLaw User Says:

      Well, this an interesting point of view, but from my experience in a corporate environment most managers do not really go to too much trouble in trying to inspire their workers.

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