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    January 21st, 2010

    ♫ Time now to spread your wings
    To take to flight
    The life endeavor
    Aim for the burning sun…♫

    Lyrics and Music by: Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones recorded by Savage Garden.

    Every so often, all of us are looking for a bit of inspiration – a few uplifting words to give flight to our ideas and our lives. Accordingly I was pleased to receive an email from a colleague Patricia Yevics pointing me to a graduation address by Steve Jobs at Stanford University on “How to Live before You Die”.

    This particular video clip is hosted on: I had visited TED before but this last visit brought home the full extent of the number of inspiring and truly great and inspirational clips on this site. TED calls itself: “Ideas Worth Spreading” and I couldn’t agree more. I like to think of TED as YouTube that has been moderated.

    I hope that we can spread the word about TED to those who may be looking for an updraft when they are aiming for the stars.

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