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    January 11th, 2010

    ♫ Baby, baby, I’m out on a limb
    I’m giving in to you again…♫

    Lyrics, music and recorded by Teena Marie.

    I wanted to say a most gracious thanks to Steve Matthews and his crew at Stem Legal (Jordan Furlong, Emma Durand-Wood, and Laurel Fulford) for my 2009 Clawbie in the area of Practice Management (tied with Avoid A Claim Blog – Dan Pinnington the Director of PracticePro’s new risk management blog). I also wanted to say a hearty “Congratulations” to all those who won and who were nominated (a complete list of winners can be found here). Well Done!

    I didn’t want this to be a typical acceptance speech (which can be rather boring) so I am giving into the urge to go out on a limb (which usually means someone comes after me with a chainsaw….but I digress…) and make some predictions for what will be seen in the 2010 ClawBies and legal blogs in general.

    First of all, I think 2010 will be the year of the collective blog. is one shining example of what can be achieved by a powerful group of bloggers who have multiple eyes and ears and who are watching the world. Slaw has been recognized internationally for the quality of its work. Frankly I don’t know how a Canadian lawyer can practice today without following it – it is a great way to stay on top of current developments not only across Canada but in the international legal world as well. Hats off to Simon Fodden for herding this particular group of legal cats!

    Another great group blog is Lawrence Gridin and Omar Ha-Redeye’s Law is Cool.

    Second, individual bloggers will make more extensive use of guest bloggers on their sites. This adds variety and new voices to the mix (and also helps create cross-links). It also builds on the social aspect of blogging.

    Third, 2010 will also be the year that legal organizations recognize the value of a blog. The Stream, a collective blog hosted by the BC Courthouse Library Society, illustrates what happens when an organization recognizes the informational value in hosting a blog and looks at how it can provide information differently. Johanne Blenkin and Mandy Ostick are leading the way here. Lang Michener LLP, Davis LLP, Clark Wilson LLP and other law firms fall into this emerging category.

    Fourth, I would like to mention a few people to watch in the Canadian legal blogging community:

    Doug Jasinki’s new blog: is one to keep an eye on (disclaimer: Doug and his team designed my blog for which I am eternally grateful). Doug is a very bright light when it comes to online legal marketing and he and his company Skunkworks Creative Group Inc. are doing some truly innovative things in the legal marketplace (see his list of clients here).

    Individual bloggers that I find particularly inspiring: Erik Mcgraken, Donna Seale and Jordan Furlong are three to watch, in my humble opinion.

    Lastly, there is Steve Matthews. He is a true Canadian visionary when it comes to understanding the entire online social matrix in which lawyers and law firms are working. His work is international in scope and light-years ahead of the competition. He senses oncoming transformation from the briefest puff in the winds of change.

    So there they are…baby, baby I am out on a limb again…

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    6 Responses to “2010 ClawBies – A Prediction!”
    1. Jordan Furlong Says:

      Dave, the inspiration is mutual! 🙂 Thanks very much!


    2. Erik Magraken Says:

      David, thank you for the kind words. All the best!

      Yours truly,


    3. Steve Matthews Says:

      I’m touched by your comments, Dave. Thank-you.

      Your post also reminds me how much I enjoy Donna Seale’s blog, and how I totally overlooked her work in this year’s CLawBies. Mental note taken for 2010.


    4. Donna Seale Says:

      Thanks, Dave, for sharing this. I am so truly appreciative of the continued support that you give me, time and time again. And, quite honestly, I think you are an inspiring blogger yourself and an asset to our profession. I have huge plans for 2010, look forward with great enthusiasm to the future and thank you, as always, for spurring me on.

    5. Donna Seale Says:

      Oh, and as for that Steve guy…..well, CLawbie or not, I’ll always be a huge fan 🙂

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