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    July 7th, 2009

    ♫ They can’t put out my fire
    I’ve got too much desire
    I’m reaching for my goal.. ♫

    Lyrics, music and recorded by Brian McKnight.

    This is post of Beth Flynn’s Leadership Moments newsletter email from  the Ohio State University Leadership Center.  I thought these Ten Guidelines for Effective Goal Setting were particularly apt and have reposted it here (with permission):

    1. Effective goals are written.
    2. Effective goals are written in specific, measurable terms.
    3. Effective goals can be visualized.
    4. Effective goals are achievable.
    5. Effective goals have realistic deadlines.
    6. Effective goals are manageable.
    7. Effective goals are analyzed for their potential problems.
    8. Effective goals require action to eliminate or minimalize the consequences of potential problems.
    9. Effective goals include a regular review of progress.
    10. Effective goals yield rewards that are of value to you (Wilson & Dobson, 2008, p. 4-8).

    From:  Wilson, S. B. & Dobson, M.S.; 2008.  Goal setting: how to create an action plan and achieve your goals.   2nd edition.  New York: Amacom. Goal Setting is available on loan from the Ohio State University Leadership Center.  To borrow this resource or any other resource, please go to the resource search page

    Learn how the Ohio State University Leadership Center is strengthening tomorrow’s leaders today at

    To subscribe to the Leadership Moments list — send e-mail to:


    Beth Flynn, M.S.

    Leadership Consultant & Trainer
    OSU Leadership Center
    2120 Fyffe Road, Rm. 109
    Columbus, OH 43210
    614-292-1251 (phone)
    614-292-9750 (fax)

    The OSU Leadership Center…where we inspire others to take a leadership role that empowers the world.

    Hopefully these tips help you reach for your goals!

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