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    November 21st, 2008

    ♬  Now that ain’t workin… that’s the way you do it… ♬

    Words and Music by: Mark Knopfler and Sting (Thomas Sumner), recorded by Dire Straits.

    Those of you who have been reading my chronicles of my movement over to the “white side” (as I am referring to my adoption of my white MacBook) know that I have been struggling with porting over PowerPoints that were developed on the PC onto the Mac.  In some cases, the PowerPoint would open in PowerPoint for the Mac, but some (or all) of the graphics in the PowerPoint slides would be simply *gone*.

    Now I knew that what I was doing was not working – but for the life of me, I could not figure out what I was doing wrong.  I finally went searching out on the web and found a blog entry that stated that if the graphics had been simply “cut and pasted” into the PowerPoint, that these graphics could not be ported over when the PowerPoint was opened on the Mac.

    So I went back to the PC – opened one of the offending PowerPoints…copied each graphic inside the PowerPoint and saved it as a JPG file. Then I deleted it from the PowerPoint and used “insert” and “picture” and selected the JPG version of that same graphic to drop it back into the PowerPoint. I did this for every graphic (it actually doesn’t take all that long, since you already have the graphics that you want) and finally saved the PowerPoint. Then I opened it on the Mac.  Voila!  All the graphics were there in glorious colour.

    So for anyone else who is facing this problem – that’s the way you do it!

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    One Response to “I’m a Mac – Day 44”
    1. Martin Crossman Says:

      Have you tried Keynote instead of staying with Power Point? The iWork suite is full featured and an affordable alternative. I’ve done a couple of presentations using Keynote and found it did the trick. Mind you I don’t have a bunch to port over and most of my presentations involved software demos.

      There certainly is a lot of things to rave about once you have joined the “white side”. iChat is a tremendously powerful collaboration tool. is another great resource for screen sharing and remote collaborative sessions and a great alternative to WebEx. ( is also a great add on.

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