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    September 16th, 2008

    ♫ I’ve been taking care of business, it’s all mine
    Taking care of business and working overtime…♫

    Words and music by: Randy Bachman.

    LawPro Magazine (August 2008) has just hit the streets. In this latest issue celebrating the 10th anniversary of PracticePro, the risk management, claims prevention and law practice management initiative for LawPro, the wholly-owned insurance company providing professional liability insurance to the lawyers of the Law Society of Upper Canada, my friend, colleague and director of PracticePro Dan Pinnington took an innovative approach to this issue of LawPro.  Along with articles looking at the increasing amount of attempted fraud against lawyers and such, Dan invited your humble scribe to contribute to a collaborative series of articles by such luminaries as Simon Chester, Connie Crosby, Dominic Jaar, Richard Potter QC and  Steve Matthews. These articles all dealt with the central question:  “What are the 10 Critical Issues facing the Legal Profession.”

    This was a wonderful collaboration and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be a contributor.  Of course to see what everyone wrote, you will have to visit the article on the web which can be found here.

    I wish to say thanks! to my fellow contributors and I hope we can do this all again…(I rather suspect while we were taking care of business we were all also working overtime…)…

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    One Response to “10 Critical Issues Facing the Legal Profession”
    1. Barb Cotton Says:

      Hi Dave-I have read your piece in LawPro and enjoyed it very much-thank you.

      But I am writing to say how much I enjoyed your review of social networking in The Verdict-very helpful for us uninitiated.

      Take care-

      Barb Cotton

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