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    February 7th, 2008

    ♫ I would have lost it all,
    But I now how I see how you were there for me and I can say
    I’m stronger, I’m wiser, I’m better,
    much better,

    And I can say
    Never would have made it,
    Never could have made it,
    Without you…♫

    Words and Music by Marvin Sapp.

    In discussing law practice management with lawyers and others in presentations, it has quickly become apparent that the process of sharing information is one of the most beneficial aspects of getting together and discussing matters of common interest. Accordingly, I would like to take this concept and apply it here – and make this forum a place where those interested in law practice management can email to me or post a question. I can take these questions and create a new posting based on the question and see the collaborative results from everyone then posting comments thereto.

    So this is the invitation to all readers to post a question, comment or issue by either completing a ‘comment’ or by emailing your question to me at: It is my expectation that the collection of questions and comments can become a repository of information that is practical and useful to others. I am hopeful that we can create an on-line community whose overriding interest is in sharing information amongst each other in order that all of us can say that we are all stronger, wiser and better!


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    2 Responses to “Never Would have Made it Without You…”
    1. Barb Cotton Says:

      Hi Dave-I’ll take you up on your offer. Ed Poll has a recent entry on his blog about “sales attorneys” -lawyers whose sole or primary job is to bring in the work, rather than perform it-perhaps another word for the old fashioned “rainmaker”? Have you noticed a formal adoption of the sales attorney in Canadian firms, or a more institutionalization of the role of the rainmaker?

      Thanks Dave-

      Barb Cotton

    2. admin Says:


      Good question! I haven’t seen the formal adoption of ‘sales attorney’ in Canada. However, that doesn’t mean that Canadian law firms are any less interested in attracting new business than our American or other counterparts.

      What I have seen is a real emphasis in law firms to make younger lawyers realize the importance of business development. Law Firm Marketing Directors have been tasked with the role of developing this aspect of the young lawyer crowd..and the point that this is one of the criteria for partnership is certainly not lost on these young associates.

      The rainmakers of tomorrow have to be groomed from the young associates of today. The use of the title ‘sales attorney’ may not ever be adopted in Canada (I much prefer the term ‘rainmaker’) but the function – whether spread out among the partners or held by one or two principal rainmakers in the firm – is an essential one.

      Cheers and thanks Barb!


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