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    October 11th, 2007

    She’s right on time
    She’s right where she should be
    She’s right on time..

    Words and music by Billy Joel.

    Allison Wolf in her Lawyer Coach Blog has recently posted on “When is the right time to ask for business?” She raises the excellent point that you have to work from your values and first build the trusting relationship and the right time to ask for business will present itself.

    Allison has listed ideas and tips on how to genuinely come across as sympathetic and listening and use them to build the base of trust.

    But some of us are genuinely uncomfortable in entering a crowd of people that we don’t know and start to make the small talk that leads to the creation of personal relationships.

    Ellen Freedman on her blog has a recent post “Learning How: Breaking the Ice” wherein she lists a number of books on the fine art of making small talk and conversation when entering a crowd of strangers.

    By following these tips, we can find ourselves right on time, right where we are supposed to be, building those trusting relationships and asking for business at the right time…

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