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    July 6th, 2007

    I want to fly like an eagle
    To the sea
    Fly like an eagle
    Let my spirit carry me
    I want to fly like an eagle
    Till I’m free
    Fly through the revolution..

    Words and music by Steve Miller, recorded by the Steve Miller Band.

    This is my welcome to the official launch of my blog on law practice management. My name is David J. Bilinsky (or Dave, as I prefer) and I am the Practice Management Advisor for the Law Society of British Columbia. Drawing on my computer science/math background, my years of law practice and my MBA, I have been writing, presenting and helping lawyers with the business side of their practices for 17 years.

    My Mission is to:

    Empower lawyers to anticipate the changes, realize the opportunities, face the challenges and embrace the expanding possibilities of the application of practice management concepts to the practice of law in innovative ways that provide service excellence.

    My work focuses on enhancing law firm profitability, strategic planning and the application of technology to the practice of law. I am frequently called upon by law firms, legal associations and conferences to address personal productivity, legal technology, career satisfaction and leadership issues. I particularly feel that leadership is an area that is underdeveloped in law firms, and yet this is where the future of lawyers and law practice lies. Leadership – and in particular, lawyers thoughtfully examining where their practices are and envisioning where they could be – using financial ratios, benchmarks and other tools – empowers lawyers to take charge of their futures and build the type of practices and the quality of life and career satisfaction that they desire. I take great pleasure in helping lawyers with this aspect of their practices.

    I have several reasons for establishing a blog. I have Co-Chaired ABA TECSHOW, founded and chaired The Pacific Legal Technology Conference and assisted with many other legal technology, law practice management conferences and CLE’s over the years. Along the way, I have listened and learned a great deal from thousands of lawyers and other management consultants right across North America and even into China. I have shared many of these golden nuggets in my writing for various publications for almost two decades and I see a blog as a way of drawing together these thoughts in one place to assist lawyers. It is my desire that this blog creates a ‘community’ of interested lawyers and others who continue the long-standing tradition of sharing their tips and ideas for the betterment of their colleagues and for the betterment of the practice of law. I also see this blog as a gateway to the thoughts of others whom I respect and which are valuable resources for lawyers to improve their practices. It is my hope and expectation that working together all of us can take the big leap and find that our practices are soaring and that we are flying like an eagle.

    Accordingly, this blog will be a continual work in progress. My intention is to keep the posts concise, with links to valuable content and resources. Over time, this should grow to be a resource for those looking for specific information and tips. And I hope to aggregate some of my prior articles and papers, to allow it to be indexed, organized and made available to readers and to link to other resources that I find to be useful.

    The thoughts on this blog are my own; I will provide as many references to sources as possible. If a link appears on these pages, I trust you understand that the content on those external pages is the responsibility of that author and I am not endorsing their content. The views herein are my own and may not be shared by The Law Society of British Columbia, my employer. I hope that you will find these pages to be valuable and will email me with your thoughts and ideas in order that we can continually add further information to enhance the content and the experience for all.


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