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    Dave Bilinsky

    Dave Bilinsky

    Dave has worked with firms of all sizes to conduct strategic reviews of their technology systems, to conduct firm retreats and to work with partners and associates to create alignment between people, systems, goals and the overall vision for the firm. Dave draws on his MBA, background in computer science and over 25 years of working with thousands of lawyers to help lawyers construct the future that they desire and build the systems that will take them there. He is a visionary in the application of technology to the practice of law and assists lawyers to identify how they can apply technology for improved efficiency, effectiveness and personal satisfaction.

    Cory Furman, a partner with MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman LLP, stated:

    Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

    “I have known David Bilinsky for a number of years, having first made his acquaintance through Law practice management and technology circles. We have worked together and spoken together on various conference topics through the years — all of which have been top-notch outings and efforts in my view — and Dave is virtually always a “go to” guy for me to recommend to others with questions on law practice management and technology topics. One of my favorite pieces of work that Dave has done, not directly or only for me but that I think shows in spades his value to law firms and lawyers is the series of articles he had been doing in the past with Laura Calloway on law firm financial performance metrics — this shows Dave’s intimate appreciation for the causal relationship between good and basic financial and other business management practices and the bottom line. On a personal level, beyond his quirky ability to come up with song lyrics to accompany virtually all of his blog posts :), Dave is a great guy. I do not hesitate to recommend him on a professional or personal level.” April 5, 2009

    You can reach Dave at