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    David J. Bilinsky

    From Shanghai to New York City, from the Yukon to deep in the heart of Argentina, Dave has been sought-after for presentations on law firm strategy, finance and technology. 25 years of practice management and technology experience combined with his MBA and time as a small firm practicing lawyer provide him with the background, knowledge and experience that combine to produce consistent “best presentation I have ever heard” comments from the audience, Dave is requested to provide keynote presentations, to facilitate retreats and meetings and to serve as a organizer and coordinator of legal practice management programs for bar associations, societies, law firms, private organizations and others.

    His recent presentations included ABA TECHSHOW, Solo and Small Firm Conferences and technology conferences in Buenos Aires, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Alabama, Minnesota, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Washington State, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Ontario, Manitoba, the Yukon, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Quebec and others as well as to legal groups such as Globallaw and LawPact.

    Douglas Conover, Rieck and Crotty, P.C., Chicago and President of LawPact stated:

    Our association, LawPact, is an international association of small- to medium-sized independent business law firms.  At our annual conferences, we strive to provide our members high-level, state of the art programs on various practice management and planning topics.  Dave Bilinsky came highly recommended by one of our members (himself a former Chairman of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Committee). 

    The theme for our June 2010 conference was Strategic Planning for Law Practice Management.  Dave’s presentations on marketing, finance, technology, and developing a strategic action plan were integrated, informative, concise, and entertaining.  In his presentation to LawPact, Dave combined the experiences of a practicing lawyer, a seasoned lecturer, and enthusiastic facilitator, all seamlessly combined.  While providing us with well-prepared and organized presentations, Dave also understood the value of getting the participants talking to each other.  Our members could not have been more pleased with the program.  Not only would we recommend Dave, we can’t wait to have him back again!

    Sharon Nelson, President, Sensei Enterprises, Inc. stated:

    Dave is one of the most innovative thinkers I know. His approach to legal technology and law practice management is truly visionary. I’ve lectured with Dave (always a great pleasure) and served with him on the ABA Law Practice Management Council and the Publications Board. Currently, Dave is helping to bring the Pub Board into the Web 2.0 world. He has taken the lead on establishing a Facebook presence and consistently comes up with new and brilliant ideas for expanding our marketing. While I cherish Dave as a colleague, I cherish him even more as a friend. He has my highest recommendation. (March 4, 2009)

    You can reach Dave at