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    June 23rd, 2008

    ♫ A view of the world so small
    it limits the size of the dream
    and you achieving it…♫

    Words and music by: Bedingfield, Frampton, Kipner, Wilkins, recorded by Natasha  Bedingfield.

    The Globe and Mail today reported that the number of computers in use today surpassed the one billion mark.  That is a staggering number but it is surpassed by the estimated number of users on the Web, which was estimated at over the 1.4 billion mark back in March, 2008 by:

    This really gives cause to pause and think about a lawyer’s marketing and how they view their market. The sheer size of the reach of the Internet should cause every lawyer to reconsider their approach to the marketing of their practice and how best to reach out to the world.  This is particularly so if they see their practice as having any national or international aspect to it at all.

    The message is to dream big and fully consider how you can extend your market by using the sheer size and power of the Internet!

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    One Response to “Size Matters…!”
    1. Laurie Says:

      Great post! The world is so different from how it used to be and there are so many great ways to market on the internet. Blogs are my favorite and I’m surprised that there aren’t that many really great Canadian “blawgs”. Certainly there are plenty of blogs, but few have the right characteristics to truly appeal to the general public (aka – potential clients). Your blog is great though – I love the music quotes!

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