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    June 18th, 2008

    ♫ ..the signal is clear and strong
    Across the miles tonight
    And I am sending you this message through the wires tonight…♫

    Words and music by Frankie Sullivan and Jim Peterik, recorded by Survivor.

    We are accustomed to lawyer associations being oriented around geography – the American Bar Association, the Canadian Bar Association, the Vancouver Bar Association etc.  Accordingly, it is interesting to see the being formed whose stated purpose is to: “promote and shape the emerging online justice community.”

    The statement of purpose of the is illustrative:, Inc. is established to address issues associated with the practice of law in cyberspace and with harmonizing laws internationally that affect human rights starting with privacy, identity theft and e-commerce, and other issues that may emerge as globalization and virtual practices advance.

    We believe that lawyers must look for a way to make laws for a networked economy, starting by connecting with each other in cyberspace, across cultures, in trusted online communities. will seek to provide lawyers with the tools they need to practice legally, ethically and successfully in cyberspace, including developing best practices, technology tools, internet communications technologies (ICT), collaborative tools, tools to increase security in cyberspace, international referral for use by lawyers and the public and online dispute resolution. will create an international community of lawyers practicing in cyberspace to help shape the global dialog about the rule of law in a changing world, addressing transnational justice, national sovereignty, and corporate power in a global economy within the norms and cultures of the world. will seek law reform to benefit access to justice and the legal system.

    The use of the Internet as a way to bring together lawyers from around the world to work on the rule of law globally is to be commended.  The ability to focus on topics that transcend borders and which call for coordinated effort among different legal jurisdictions can only help to promote the dialogue, discussion and hopefully, solution of these meta issues.  The leadership of the are to be commended with their foresight and initiative.  I wish them well as they send out their messages thru the wires tonight and in the future.

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