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    Archive for February, 2011
    I’ve a (Hotrod) Mac!
    Sunday, February 20th, 2011

    ♬ She’s my little deuce coupe
    You don’t know what I got…♬

    Lyrics and music by Brian Wilson, recorded by The Beach Boys.

    Western Digital Scorpio HD

    The notice popped up on the screen – my hard drive had run out of space. I was facing the dilemma of either upgrading the original 160 GB hard drive in my MacBook or upgrading to a new MacBook or MacBook Pro. A bit of research into a new hard drive for my venerable MacBook made the decision easy…a Western Digital Scorpio 2.5-Inch 500 GB SATA Internal Hard Drive WD5000BEKT (Black) was $69.92 on With shipping, taxes and duties, the total was under $90.00. A far cry from the cost of replacing my MacBook.

    My reading up on the web tried to assure me that it was not that difficult to replace the hard drive (I most certainly know my limitations in working with my hands….) Despite my reservations, I took a deep breath and ordered the new hard drive. (more…)

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