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    Archive for June, 2012
    Communicating Belief and Confidence
    Thursday, June 7th, 2012


    ♫  If I could only do one thing
    Then I would try to write and sing
    A song that ends your questioning
    And makes you believe in me…♫

    Lyrics, music and recorded by Dan Fogelberg.

    This is a guest post from Beth Flynn at the Ohio Leadership Center.

    The poet Goethe observed, “If you want someone to develop a trait, treat them as though they already have it.”   One of the best predictors of an individual or a team’s performance is their expectations.  Theodore Roosevelt concluded that if you believe you can you were half way there.  Winning teams expect to win.  Losing teams aren’t sure.  Research in education provides support for the idea if a teacher believes in a student and expects the student to do well, her belief communicates confidence which plays a role in influencing the student’s own positive expectations.

    Think about it for a moment.  If someone believes in us and communicates that confidence along with a belief that our work is important, we will have a tendency to take a renewed look at ourselves.  Deep down we may hope the person is right so we try to prove the trusting person right.  The fact that some psychologists tell us we only use 10% of our potential demonstrates that there is always room for improvement.  And the cause of this improvement may be someone’s trust that communicates belief and confidence (Losoncy & Walsh, 2011, p. 104).

    From:  Losoncy L. & Walsh, C. (2011).  On: A Brilliant Way to Live and Work. Sanford, FL: DC Press.

    On is available from the OSU Leadership Center.

    Click here to borrow this resource or any other resource. Once you are on the OSU website, click on the Spectrum icon.

    Learn how the Ohio State University Leadership Center is inspiring others to take a leadership role that empowers the world at: http;//  To begin receiving Beth’s Leadership Moments newsletter, please click on Join Our Mailing List.

    Thanks Beth for another great leadership post on how all of us can communicate belief and confidence in the people and the teams we lead.

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