Founding LexBlog and serving as its CEO, I have combined my love of the law and my desire to help others.Real Lawyers Have Blogs represents my best efforts to share information, news, and commentary to help lawyers and other professionals looking to network online, whether it be via blogging or other social media.I practiced law for 17 years and used the Internet to grow my firm in the late ’90’s. I later founded an Internet company which became the lion’s share of I’ve been blogging for eleven years to learn, network with thought leaders, and to help lawyers and law firms. I don’t say this to impress you, but to let you know the context upon which I share my insight and ideas.In addition to my blog, I liberally share others’ insight on Twitter. Feel free to engage me there as well on LinkedIn and Facebook. I use them to share information as well as to connect and build relationships.As way of background on LexBlog, we empower lawyers world-wide to network online via our blog, social media solutions and content marketing solutions.We believe a professional’s best work comes via relationships and word of mouth, building online visibility is imperative for business development today, and authentic online engagement accelerates relationships and word of mouth.What started out of my garage has grown to a 35 person team supporting over 8,000 lawyers on LexBlog’s LXBN network.I’m the father of five great kids (1 working with me at LexBlog, 1 working in search marketing with Bing, 1 working in online sales at Nordstroms, and 2 in college at Gonzaga University). I am married to my best friend of 40 years.As a trial lawyer for 17 years and an entrepreneur for the last 15 years my focus has been helping others. I hope to leave the world a better place.