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    August 27th, 2008

      Two o’clock in the mornin’,
    I’m sleepin’
    and something wakes me but I don’t know what it is.
    [Computer goes:] “You’ve got mail.”… ♫

    Words and music by J. Shin.

    In Quebec City at the Canadian Bar Association’s  Canadian Legal Conference, I had the opportunity to present on two sessions:

    The PowerPoints, in Adobe Acrobat format, can be downloaded by following the links above.  My thanks to Dan and my co-presenters for making the presentations effortless and to the audience who not only came to listen, but became active participants in the presentations.  As a result I very much enjoyed the entire experience as well as the time in Quebec City.

    Hopefully we provided many tips to assist in running a law practice better and dealing with the avalanche of emails that we all seem to get these days! And hopefully we have learned to turn off that beep that says ‘You’ve Got Mail!”

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    3 Responses to “CBA Presentations – Quebec City”
    1. Helena Clift Says:

      Hello, David – Just to ask you to check the links for ’90 Tips in 90 Minutes’ and ‘Mastering Your Mailbox’ as I got an ‘Error 404’ message on both links and I’d love to see the presentations. Many thanks, Helena

    2. Dave Bilinsky Says:


      Sorry about that ..not sure what happened but I think I have corrected the problem.

      Thanks for drawing it to my attention!



    3. Helena Clift Says:

      Hi, Dave – Sorry, I only just stumbled across this again when I was trying to access my new Twitter account(!)Belatedly, thank you for correcting the links – I’ve now downloaded them! Only n months later!! Helena

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