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    May 29th, 2008

    ♫Let me stand next to your fire
    Let me stand next to your fire..♫

    Words and music by Jimi Hendrix.

    My favourite web browser, Firefox, has released Firefox 3 Beta 1 for download. Now this is just a beta version, but I am very impressed with the new version! Firefox states that this latest version enhances performance and stability along with other aspects of this browser.

    Three major enhancements for me were:

    • Speed (Firefox 3 is noticeably faster than Firefox 2 and other browsers that I have tried);
    • Memory use (I was finding my computer was slowing down for no reason – I thought it was due to my desktop search engine;  it now appears that this was at least partly due to memory “leaks” in Firefox 2 and other applications that gradually slowed down my machine. Firefox 3 has plugged 300 ‘leaks’ which should help address this issue) and
    • Reliability (if the system crashes, Firefox attempts to preserve your data notwithstanding the fact that the system has gone down).

    The tweaked Firefox 3 interface is cool, too.  From a security perspective, they have increased Malware protection, web forgery protection and identity verification.  They have also increased the user functionality, which you will notice as soon as you start to use this version.

    I haven’t found any issues so far from the fact that this is a Beta release.  You can download this beta from:

    There are versions available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

    Grab the latest download and come and stand next to the fire!

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